Corporate Donations

Monthly Donations

Regular corporate donations support our long-term sight-saving initiatives and help transform many lives each month. Please join our monthly donation programme and extend your compassion to the needy and to our society at large.  Learn more. »

Corporate One-off Donations

Even a small donation can help us restore sight to the world's most vulnerable people. By teaming up with your colleagues, you can make a huge difference in the number of eye doctors, nurses and other health care workers we can train.  Learn more. »

Corporate Partner Program

We encourage your organization to join “Corporate Partner Program” and make vision a reality.  Learn more. »

Orbis Blindfold Event

It is our pleasure to organize a Blindfold Event for your company, providing eye masks, hosting blindfold games and Orbis Talk to spread our mission of eliminating avoidable blindness. Learn more. »

Workplace and Organization Donations

Local companies organize events not only to raise funds but also to bring the issue of preventable blindness to the attention of people who can help. Orbis is delighted to publicize its partner companies¡¯ efforts in its newsletters and on the website. Learn more. »

Collection Boxes

Orbis needs your support by placing a collection box in your shop or office, making it easy for shoppers and office workers to donate small change to preserve and restore sight in developing countries. Learn more »

Corporate Commemorative Donations

Organization's special events can help Orbis to bring sight to the needlessly blind! You can simply invite business contacts, clients and suppliers to donate to Orbis in lieu of sending gifts!  Learn more. »

Gifts in Kind

Orbis welcomes donations of products and services such as design, printing and production. Donations of editorial and advertising space, or leaflet insertions in magazines and newsletters, are also appreciated.  Learn more. »