Orbis See-n-Feel Tour to Bangladesh

Ever wondered how we work in the Flying Eye Hospital? Please join our upcoming See-n-Feel Tour to Bangladesh in November! Read More »

Mid-Autumn Street Fundraiser

Orbis Mid-Autumn Street Fundraiser will be held in September. Let's join hands to share the joy with those who are burdened by living in darkness! Read More »

Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale 2017

Annual Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale is now taking place! Read More »

Transform the life of visually impaired

Do you wonder how your support changed a boy's life 12 years ago? Read More »


We warmly invite passionate and adventurous Orbis donors and supporters to put their best feet forward and join us on a life-transforming journey to Ethiopia!  Read More »

Thank you for your generosity in 2016

In the past year, Orbis Macau has succeeded in raising MOP17,871,186. We thank all supporters in Macau so much for enabling us to create so many sight-restoring opportunities via your generosity in 2016. Read More »

Orbis Raffle Street Fundraiser 2017

Please support our Orbis Raffle Street Fundraiser in March and help more kids see the world! Read More »

Orbis Raffle 2017 Lucky Draw Result

Orbis Macau 2017 lucky draw was held on May 24, 2017. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your supports. Read More »

Orbis Red Pocket Charity Sale 2017

Make Chinese New Year 2017 even more meaningful by supporting our annual Red Pocket Charity Sale! Read More »

Orbis Third Generation Flying Eye Hospital Macau Tour

Orbis Third Generation Flying Eye Hospital Macau Tour was hosted on October 14-18, 2016, following its maiden sight-saving mission in Shenyang, China. 1,500 pre-registered participants joined the guided tours onboard and learned about the plane’s many state-of-the-art facilities and Orbis’s sight-saving mission. Read More »


Please support Orbis Mid-Autumn Fundraiser on August 28 and September 3, 2016. Read More »

Action for Sight 2016: Safeguarding kids’ eye sight and future

This year, Orbis aims to arouse awareness amongst parents, teachers and donors of the importance of maintaining children’s healthy eyesight in ensuring their brighter future via our annual campaign ‘Action for Sight 2016’. Read More »

Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale 2016

Why not share your love with those who are burdened by living in darkness, by simply supporting Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale? Read More »

Orbis Darkness To Go 2016

Orbis is teaming up with leading local designers, multimedia producers, media organizations and top retailers all over Macau to launch a new ‘Darkness To Go’ initiative. Read More »

Orbis unveils new plane and technology to fight blindness

Orbis unveiled the brand new third generation Flying Eye Hospital, at Los Angeles International Airport on Jun 2 (U.S. time). Read More »

You grant them more than vision

Orbis sincerely thanks all supporters in Macau for your heartfelt supports in 2015! Read More »

New Orbis Kids Sight Ambassador Esther Kwan’s sight-saving trip to Linyi

Having spent the past few years raising her family rather than acting in TV dramas, Esther recently joined our four-day sight-saving trip to Linyi in Shandong, China. Her first time as an Orbis Kids Sight Ambassador, the experience left her overwhelmed at the extent of our and our donors’ sight-saving efforts. Read More »

Thanks for making so many impossible dreams come true!

Orbis sincerely thanks our individual and organization supporters in Macau for your generosity in 2014. Read More »

Sandra Ng – 5 years on the road for the needlessly blind

Orbis “Sight Ambassador” Sandra Ng Kwun Yu acts as a role model by showing us that it is possible to be fearless of hardships when you have enough motivation in your heart. Read More »

Orbis Advocates for Eye Health in Rural Ethiopia

November 4, 2014 - Orbis joins government officials and partners for an event in Ethiopia’s rural areas where the prevalence of the highly contagious—but completely preventable—trachoma disease is highest.  Read More »

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