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02/12/2016 2016 Mid-Autumn Charity Sale Audited Report

30/11/2016 Keep fighting against blindness Moonwalkers raised over HK$6.4 million to help brighten up the world of the visually impaired

13/10/2016 Orbis urges public to cherish their sight on World Sight Day 2016

27/09/2016 2016 Summer Charity Sale Audited Report

27/09/2016 The Third Generation Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Tours Hong Kong for the First Time FedEx-Donated Aircraft Showcases New Technology to Fight Blindness Worldwide

19/05/2016 2016 Orbis Raffle Charity Sale Audited Report

13/03/2016 3,000 walkers put their best feet forward for the preventably blind at Orbis’ 17th Walk For Sight


09/12/2015 2015 Mid-Autumn Charity Sale Audited Report

08/10/2015 Orbis uses World Sight Day 2015 to correct common misconceptions about presbyopia

06/10/2015 2015 Summer Charity Sale Audit Report

18/05/2015 2015 Orbis Raffle Charity Sale Audited Report

14/04/2015 Orbis blindfold lunch 2015 educates primary school students and parents who remain unaware of the perils of myopia

29/03/2015 Over 3,100 walkers unite with one heart to save sight worldwide at 16th Orbis Walk for Sight


26/11/2014 2014 Mid-Autumn Charity Sale Audited Report

09/10/2014 Eliminate misconceptions re diabetes-related eye problems Urges Orbis on October 9 World Sight Day

15/09/2014 2014 Summer Charity Sale Audit Report

20/05/2014 Visually impaired communications tutor Kenon Kwong inspired over 100 students to share love at Orbis Blindfold Lunch

25/03/2014 Leading Eye Health NGO Orbis, Launches New Brand Identity

09/03/2014 Over 3,200 people lead the blind walk towards the light at 15th ORBIS – Bank of America Merrill Lynch “Walk for Sight”